During Tim’s six years on the Oklahoma State Board of Education, he fought for more funding for education, against further cuts, and supported teachers and education professionals. Tim stood up against the efforts of former State Superintendent, Janet Baressi, and her unprofessional hiring of political hacks and insiders to state jobs.

Tim believes…

  • Education is the engine of personal and economic development.
  • States and local school boards should reflect and set the standards.
  • Federal tax dollars should return home to support local schools and encourage competition.
  • Our students should be encouraged to grow to their maximum potential and be able to compete in the global market.
  • It is our responsibility, as the wealthiest developed nation in the world, to ensure that our children have the resources to succeed in school.
  • Those in charge of our children’s education should have professional training and proven experience in education.
  • Public education should be free from religious extremism and indoctrination of any religious views.
  • We should make investments in successful programs and stop throwing money at outdated and ineffective policies that are harmful to public education.
  • Students who seek higher education should not graduate with mountains of student debt.
  • Student debt should be protected against high fees by guaranty agencies.
  • Our public schools and institutions of higher learning are too precious to lose to partisan rhetoric and ideology that is destroying our country.

Mass shootings threaten our children and their learning environments. The proposal to arm teachers is nonsense and does nothing but distract us from real solutions. Teachers need to be free to teach in safe environments and be paid a competitive wage for doing it. Schools should safe and weapon-free and patrolled by trained safety officers and local law enforcement.

Universal background checks are a must. All 50 states, and the military, should report into an electronic background check system that is modern, reliable and fast. Bump stocks and military-grade weapons should not be open for private or public sale to untrained, un-checked individuals.