Oklahoma City, OK - Tim Gilpin, Tulsa attorney and former Oklahoma Assistant Attorney General and Oklahoma State Board of Education member, today filed for Oklahoma’s First Congressional District. 

“I am running for Congress because America and the First District face real problems and I’m ready to be a part of real solutions, not a part of the circus in Washington. Something has got to change. We can’t keep sending the same people to Washington and expect a different result,” Gilpin said. Gilpin, a Democrat, believes voters in the First District are ready for real solutions, not someone to add to Washington’s chaos. He cited the overwhelming support for changes in education funding and historically large pro-education marches at Oklahoma’s Capitol as evidence that voters are determined to demand better representation at all levels.

“This campaign is about getting back to decency in governance and creating a better future for Oklahoma,” Gilpin said. “It’s about coming together to solve problems.  During my time on the State Board of Education, I worked with fellow Board members to oppose education cuts and I wasn’t afraid to stand up against attacks on public education and self-serving politicians. I’ll do the same in Washington and work for real solutions in a way that will make voters proud.”

Honorary Campaign Committee Chair is James R. Jones, former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico and First District Congressman. Former State Superintendent of Public Education Sandy Garrett serves as the Committee’s Honorary Co-Chair.