The Affordable Healthcare Act should be improved, not repealed. Millions more Americans gaining health coverage is a good thing. We need to look at expanding Medicare, regardless of age, to help provide more Americans with quality health care and keep our urban and rural hospitals open. Prescription Costs are out of control. Open access to the Canadian market will help control our prescription costs in the short run.

Tim believes…

  • The Affordable Healthcare Act was a vital step forward in providing coverage for millions of Americans and should be protected and efforts to continually improve it should be a first priority of Congress and the American people.
  • Make healthcare a right for all Americans and not limited to anyone regardless of income, age, or socioeconomic status.
  • When we have a robust healthcare system we all benefit from lower costs.
  • No person should be excluded based on pre-existing conditions.
  • We must invest in rural healthcare infrastructure and keep Oklahoma’s rural hospitals and providers from closing. Rural hospitals and doctors across Oklahoma have been closing down due to decreased funding from both the state and federal levels, leaving thousands of Oklahomans without adequate access to affordable care close to where they live and work.
  • No woman should be denied services based on the political or religious views of their employer.
  • We must work to make access to vital healthcare services for women - such as well-checks, prenatal care, and contraception – more accessible not more restrictive.
  • Paid family leave and paid sick leave is an important part of health care in America and reduces the stress put on families and employers, not to mention decreases the spread of disease and illness. No individual should be forced to work or threatened by their employers while sick or caring for a family member.
  • We must take action now on getting prescription costs under control. When one in five Americans do not fill their prescriptions because they didn’t have enough money, we have a problem.
  • Individuals, pharmacists, and wholesale providers should be allowed to import prescription drugs from licensed Canadian pharmacies. America spends almost 40-percent more on prescription drugs than Canada.
  • We must restore and protect Medicare discounts for low-income seniors, people with disabilities, and those dependent on fixed incomes.
  • Enact stronger penalties for drug companies who have been convicted for civil or criminal violations such as kickbacks and Medicare fraud.
  • We must increase accountability within the Veterans’ Administration and ensure that all veterans have access to timely, quality health care.