The recent tax plan passed by Congress is wrong for America. Instead of a trickle-down approach – which we know has never worked – real tax reform should be directed and benefit everyone, including middle- and low-wage workers and their families.

The tax package Congress passed, adds $1.5 TRILLION to America’s debt. Baked in is the expiration of any benefit to working and middle-class Americans. That’s an ugly and unacceptable plan. At the center of it is a huge corporate tax cut which equals $1 Trillion of the total $1.5 Trillion bill hoisted on the majority of Americans and states like Oklahoma, with a median household income of just $49,176 (as of 2016), the hardest. Oklahoman families will not see any benefits of this outlandish tax plan. We don’t have to increase spending but we have to be responsible with the money – something we are not seeing from Congress now. Breaks to the tip-top and large corporations won’t expire under the new plan. That’s not a recipe for fairness or long-term economic growth.

Tim believes…

  • Education is the key to our economic success; we must invest in life-long training and education.

  • We must close loopholes and reign in tax breaks that benefit only the richest among us.
  • Oklahomans should not have to work two or three jobs to ensure they can put food on the table, pay rent, and have reliable transportation to and from work.
  • It is past time for workers to be a fair, paid a living wage for the hard work they do every day.
  • We should do whatever we can to provide avenues for Oklahomans to be less reliant on government resources.
  • Workers should be free from discrimination based on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and family status.
  • Two people, with the same qualifications and performing the same job, should be paid equally – regardless of gender.
  • One-time bonuses are nice but little comfort without wage and benefit increases that would fuel our economy’s growth.