America should and can be a positive force for good in the world. Our leadership is necessary, and cannot be replaced, for free markets to flourish and our businesses to compete in a global market place.

America was attacked by Russia in 2016 and this one-sided cyber battle rages on into 2018. It is unthinkable that Congress and the President have not taken action to ensure the protection of elections in America. We cannot ignore the Pearl Harbor of our time. Russian meddling is a peril to our country’s future.

Tim believes…

  • Congress and the President must rally our national security agencies and empower them to do everything possible to fight back and protect American democracy and our Western allies from influence and interference in democratic elections from foreign governments.
  • We must protect our constitutional rights and civil liberties and never compromise for the illusion of security or political ideology.
  • We should be seeking diplomatic solutions, whenever possible, to prevent international conflict.
  • Our military should be cutting-edge, modern, efficient, and second-to-none.
  • Our veterans give us their all and it is our duty to protect and care for them on the battle field and when they return home.
  • We must work with our allies to combat international terrorism and address the root causes of radicalization.
  • Congress must oppose the Trump Administration’s policies of taking unconstitutional, unilateral actions on immigration.
  • We must fight to ensure that families are preserved and not living under constant fear of deportation and retaliation as a result of failure for Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform.