Statement on Santa Fe High School Shooting in Texas

The following can be attributed to Tim Gilpin, Democrat for Congressional District One:

May 18, 2018, TULSA, OK - Another horrific tragedy has happened at yet another school in America. I grieve for the parents and families who have lost a loved one and for the life-altering impact this imprints on the students of Santa Fe High School. I am a parent and today I couldn’t help but think of my children and imagine the  horror of the parents in Texas as they heard this morning’s news along with the rest of America. 

In good conscience, as a candidate for Congress, and more importantly as a parent, I can’t shy away from this issue. Some will say “now is not the time” to speak out and they are right; the time for this discussion was yesterday and the day before yesterday. Congress has been negligent in their duty to deal with this epidemic. Politicians in Washington have sat by and let this problem grow. Washington is not solving problems, they are creating problems. 

Our schools now hold active shooter drills in addition to fire and tornado drills - that is a problem. Our children should be able to go to school knowing that we have done everything we can to keep them safe. Our children shouldn’t have to accept that gun violence is a fact of life. That is unacceptable.

Over 80-percent of Americans support fast and meaningful universal background checks - that includes gun owners. Parents across the country support making investments in school safety that protects our children. The missing puzzle piece is leadership. I will not be silent while our children crouch in fear at their schools. I will stand up and fight for our children and families in Oklahoma. As a Congressman, I vow to do what it takes to prevent these tragedies. Something’s got to change in Washington.