Why am I running?

Like you, I'm  fed up with the daily outrages coming out of Washington. You will hear me say this again and again—something must change. We can’t keep sending the same people to Washington and expect a different result. The first district needs representation that reflects our values, not a rubber stamp for the toxic, divisive rhetoric spewing from the Capitol.

The Republican-controlled Congress and President Trump aren’t working together or in the interest of the American people. The incompetence, rudeness, and disrespect coming out of Washington needs to end. What’s going on now is not in the American tradition of democracy or politics. We have to do better to address our problems; and we have to do it is a serious and respectful manner.

There are serious problems facing America and the First District. Congress has refused to address issues on the hearts and minds of people all across our country. From the mass shootings happening in our schools, to quality healthcare and underemployment in our workforce, Instead of taking steps to address the problems, Congress has spent their time creating new ones. It is time to focus on middle class and working families instead of billionaires and massive corporations.

I am running for the First District because I believe it is time for Congress to get back to our core principles of benefiting all Americans, not just a select few. The representative from the First District should be focused on the issues facing people at home and not the lobbyists and special interests in Washington D.C.

Moving forward,